Our Vision

To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of public health services supporting screening and vaccination.
VCS achieves this by providing high quality evidence based:
  • Laboratory and registry services
  • Education and Information
  • Policy relevant research and evaluation

Statement from the President

After an extensive consultative process involving the VCS Board of Directors, Key Stakeholders and the Executive and Senior Management team of VCS, the organisation has released the Strategic Plan 2020.

The planning horizon has increased from 3 years to a 5 year plan underpinned by our revised Vision “To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of public health services supporting screening and vaccination”.

Cervical cancer prevention has been undergoing significant change for some years. This change is now accelerating and is driven by the implementation of a successful HPV vaccination program for girls and the later extension of the program to boys in 2013. Australian Governments have responded to these changes by undertaking a Renewal of the National Cervical Screening Program. It has been recognised that cervical cytology is no longer the optimal primary screening test and that better health outcomes, with less intensive testing, can be achieved by testing primarily for the presence of oncogenic HPV.

VCS has anticipated the changes associated with Renewal. The objectives and business imperatives, identified in this Plan, will transition the laboratory and registry functions in alignment with the changes in technology and policy, enabling a seamless service provision to our referrers and stakeholders when Renewal is implemented in 2017. This Strategic Plan 2020 will reinforce the position of the organisation as a leader in reducing the impact of cancer and infectious diseases by broadening our public health contribution, and continuing to anticipate and adapt to change leading to “Renewal and beyond…”

Our Organisation

Victorian Cytology Service Limited Ltd. (VCS) is a Health Promotion Charity focused on reducing the impact of cancer and sexually transmissible infections through screening and vaccination. We achieve this by providing high quality evidence based laboratory and registry services, education and support and policy relevant research and evaluation.

Established in 1964 as a joint venture initiative between the Victorian State Government, the Cancer Council and Prince Henry’s Hospital, the organisation has a proud history in helping to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. While the cervical screening program remains our primary focus, we have sought to expand our activities in related fields, utilising the significant skills and experiences we have gained to reduce the impact of other cancers as well as sexually transmissible infections.

Victorian Cytology Service Ltd.  is a registered company under the Corporations Act (Vic) 2001 and is governed by a Board of Directors. VCS operates three separate services – VCS Pathology, the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry (VCCR) and the National Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program Register (NHVPR).