Victorian Cytology Service Ltd. is a registered company under the Corporations Act (Vic) 2001 and is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with the Constitution. The Board comprises between eight and ten persons with expertise in one or more of the following areas:
  • Finance, commerce, or corporate management
  • Law
  • Medical Practitioner with gynaecological/colposcopy experience
  • Nurse with relevant expertise in preventative health
  • Expertise in immunisation from a public health perspective
  • Medical practitioner in general practice
  • Consumer perspectives
  • Nominee of the Cancer Council Victoria
Appointments to the Board are honorary and for at least three years. Every two years the Board elects from its members a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer. The Executive Director of the Service acts as Secretary to the Board.
Mr Tim Humphries
Mr Tim Humphries

Chairman - Audit and Finance Committee

Ms Fiona Kelly

Director: Finance, Commerce, Corporate Management

A/Prof Marion Saville
A/Prof Marion Saville

Executive Director / Secretary

Mr David Wrede
Mr David Wrede

Vice Chairman