Ms Anderson was Chairman (previously President under VCS Inc.) of the VCS Ltd Board from 2013 to 2017, following on from a previous term as President from 2004 to 2007. Ms Anderson has served on the Board as a Director since 2000 and holds the position of nurse with expertise in preventative health. Ms Anderson is a registered nurse with a Graduate Diploma of Community Health Nursing, Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse Training, and a Master of Health Management. Ms Anderson has worked with PapScreen Victoria for over ten years in a role working with nurses providing cervical screening and women’s health services throughout the state and, as part of this role, coordinates the Victorian Nurse Credentialing Program. Ms Anderson also currently works in women’s health, holding clinics at Baarlinjan Medical Clinic at Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative. In 2012 Ms Anderson was awarded the National Australian Practice Nurse Association Best Practice Nurse Award for Sexual Health in relation to increasing Koori women’s cervical screening.