Prof Fanghui ZHAO is Director at the Dept. of Cancer Epidemiology, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/National Cancer Center. She has two years working experiences at NCI/NIH, USA and one year at IARC/WHO as a Senior Visiting Scientist. In 2019, she received the appointment as Professor Extraordinary at Department of Global Health, the African Cancer Institute, Stellenbosch University. Focusing on the major scientific issues of cervical cancer prevention and control, for over 20 years, Prof Zhao has carried out more than 20 population-based multicenter cervical cancer studies and published over 180 peer review articles, including The Lancet, Lancet Oncol, The Lancet Public Health, J NCI, IJC et al. She serves for a dozen of professional societies: Research Committee Chair, Asia Oceania Research Organization on Genital Infections and Neoplasia (AOGIN); Education Committee Chair, Asian Pacific Organisation for Cancer Prevention (APOCP); Member of APEC and WHO Cervical Cancer Expert Group; the commissioner of the Lancet SIGHT Commission; Vice Leader of HPV Vaccination Working Group, National Immunization Program Technical Working Group; Vice Leader of National Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Consortium et al. With her international training and working experiences, Prof Zhao leans her research interests towards global health, particularly to reduce the health inequity in vulnerable populations and in low-resource regions. In 2020, she has been selected as APEC’s Health Women Health Economy Research Prize Winner