The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (ACPCC) is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with the Constitution. The Board comprises between seven and eleven persons with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Finance, commerce, or corporate management
  • Law
  • Medical practitioner with gynaecological / colposcopy expertise
  • Nurse with relevant expertise in preventative health
  • Expertise in immunisation from a public health perspective
  • Medical practitioner in general practice
  • Consumer perspectives
  • Information technology (IT).

Appointments to the Board are honorary and for at least three years. Every two years the Board elects from its members a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer. The Executive Director of the Service acts as Secretary to the Board.

Mr Tim Humphries
Mr David Wrede
Mr David Wrede
Vice Chairman
Ms Fiona Kelly
Ms Fiona Kelly
Chairman - Audit and Finance Committee
Dr Jane Collins
Prof Marion Saville AM
Prof Marion Saville AM
Executive Director / Secretary
Genevieve Webb