To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of population health services supporting screening and vaccination.

About us

50 lives saved every year

VCS Foundation offers a comprehensive suite of services to implement, support, monitor and manage population health programs, including screening and vaccination.

It does so through three distinct services, which are horizontally integrated to cost effectively deliver large scale population health programs:

  • VCS Pathology
  • VCS Digital Health
  • VCS Population Health

This unique combination of services is proven to achieve better health outcomes and will ultimately save lives.

VCS Foundation was initially established in order to make a positive difference in the lives of Victorian women by reducing the impact of cervical cancer, but now is leveraging its expertise, product and service capability to deliver improved health outcomes globally.

VCS Foundation has helped to reduce the mortality rate from cervical cancer in Victoria to half that of the rest of Australia. This saves the lives of an additional 50 Victorian women every year. With its 50 year history of successful contributions to the cervical screening program through laboratory, digital health solutions, and registry services, VCS Foundation is well placed to the support the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) call for all countries to take action to end the suffering caused by cervical cancer.

VCS Foundation is positioned to deliver excellence in population health outcomes in Australia and around the world.

50 additional lives saved every year.