To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of population health services supporting screening and vaccination.

About us

50 lives saved every year

The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (ACPCC)is a not for profit organisation with over 55 years of expertise in cancer prevention and population health through laboratory and medical education services, establishing and operating cancer screening and vaccination registries, and conducting world-leading research and data analysis.

ACPCC offers a comprehensive suite of services to implement, support, monitor and manage population health programs, including screening and vaccination.

It does so through three distinct services, which are horizontally integrated to cost effectively deliver large scale population health programs:

  • VCS Pathology
  • Digital Health
  • Population Health

This unique combination of services and multi-disciplinary expertise is proven to achieve better health outcomes and will ultimately save lives.

ACPCC was first founded in December 1964 as the Victorian Cytology Service. Our name has evolved over time as our purpose and services grew and knowledge about the cause and prevention of cervical cancer advanced.

Originally, we were a specialist laboratory established to provide cervical screening services to Victorian women following the introduction of the Pap smear. In the following 56 years, the organisation has expanded its services and reach to provide expert advice and services in cancer prevention and population health to governments and healthcare providers across Australia and globally. Some of our pioneering achievements include:

  • In 1989, we established the first Pap Test Registry in Australia to support an organised approach to cervical screening.
  • In 2008, we established and operated the world’s first HPV vaccination program register on behalf of the Australian Department of Health.
  • We were a driving force in providing evidence to support the Australian Government’s decision to transition from 2 yearly Pap tests to 5 yearly HPV tests in the renewed National Cervical Screening Program, which commenced in December 2017.
  • In 2018, we became the first laboratory in Australia to achieve accreditation for processing HPV self-collection tests after undertaking a rigorous in-house validation process. Self-collection is the most important tool in Australia’s belt to achieve elimination of cervical cancer by 2035.

ACPCC works with Australian and international partners to achieve the World Health Organization’s goal of eliminating cervical cancer as a public health problem. Our team is committed to supporting the effective delivery of HPV vaccination and cervical screening programs to ensure a cervical cancer free future for girls and women everywhere.

50 additional lives saved every year.