The Strategic Plan 2020 has been developed in line with board governance requirements. The planning horizon has increased from 3 years to a 5 year plan with an overarching theme of “Beyond Renewal”. Key elements of the Plan include the following:


  • New vision statement.
  • Consolidated plan with 12 key strategic objectives aligned with an internal/external pathway focus across the perspectives of 4 different core business imperatives.

The achievements against each of these key strategic objectives will be published in the VCS annual reports.


Strategic Plan 2020


To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the PROVISION OF public health services supporting screening and vaccination.

Core Business imperatives Broaden our public health contribution Anticipate and adapt to change
Stakeholder/Customer Imperatives
  • Renew, expand and leverage our relationships with Commonwealth and State government departments in all jurisdictions, health practitioners and their professional organizations
  • Establish strategic partnership opportunities
  • Increase our capacity and capability for marketing/branding, community/stakeholder communication, and practitioner education
Service Delivery and Infrastructure Imperatives
  • Expand our services in line with emerging market needs without compromising our commitment to quality
  • Explore co-location options within a suitable health services precinct
  • Align  our capacity and capability to secure and deliver a diversified portfolio of services including disease surveillance, education and research
  • Maintain quality while developing new systems and processes needed to support service growth
Financial Imperatives
  • Seek out, Diversify and secure ongoing funding sources
  • Establish partnerships with third parties to develop and win competitive tenders
  • Ensure financial viability by improving our competitiveness in and increasingly competitive market and by achieving real operating efficiencies
People and Culture Imperatives
  • Further develop a workplace culture in which people are valued, service driven, collaborative, engaged, innovative, and accountable
  • Develop and implement a workforce plan with clear focus on staff performance, development and succession
  • Align HR systems and processes to future needs