VCS Foundation is a highly respected and well regarded organisation and is a leader in its field. Our activities are focused on reducing the impact of cancer and sexually transmissible infections through screening and vaccination. Specifically we deliver high quality evidence based laboratory and registry services, education and support and policy relevant research and evaluation.

Established in 1964 as a joint venture initiative between the Victorian State Government, the Cancer Council and Prince Henry’s Hospital, the organisation has a proud history in helping to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. While the cervical screening program remains our primary focus, we have sought to expand our activities in related fields, utilising the significant skills and experiences we have gained to reduce the impact of other cancers as well as sexually transmissible infections.

VCS Foundation operates three separate services – VCS Pathology, VCS Population Health and VCS Digital Health. In addition, to the operational services, VCS has a range of corporate functions including information technology, marketing, finance, human resources, quality, courier services, commercial, facilities management and administration.

For additional details regarding the three separate services refer to the relevant web links in the home page.

The operations of VCS Foundation are spread across two locations, East Melbourne and Carlton. Both sites are within easy access to shops, cafes and public transport.


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