09 September 2022

As part of the Australian Government’s 2022 Centre for Research Excellence scheme, the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Cervical Cancer Control, C4, has been re-funded, receiving $2.5 million from the NHMRC to continue our work towards eliminating cervical cancer. The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer is a core partner of the C4, with Professor Marion Saville and Professor Julia Brotherton serving as Chief Investigators for the development of collaborative research throughout the C4. Other core partners include The Daffodil Centre, The University of Melbourne, The Kirby Institute and Australian National University.

This grant is a testament to all that the C4 has achieved over the last 5 years and will provide the support necessary to continue working towards the elimination of cervical cancer. The ACPCC has played an important role in developing the structural integrity of the C4 and will continue to assist as the focus of the Centre shifts towards the WHO three pillars of cervical cancer elimination: HPV Vaccination, Cervical Screening and Treatment of Cervical Cancer/Palliative Care.

Of course, this grant comes on the back of the major developments the C4 has made to innovating the successful delivery of HPV vaccination in girls and boys and the implementation of an HPV-based cervical screening program throughout Australia. Given the current operations, Australia is now positioned to be the first country in the world with the potential to achieve national elimination of cervical cancer. The C4 has also supported international efforts to eliminating cervical cancer, directly aiding the development of the World Health Organization (WHO) Strategy to Eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem worldwide.

By receiving this grant, the C4 is positioned to produce a range of implementation studies with the purpose of achieving high and equitable HPV vaccination coverage, HPV screening rates and access to triage and treatment of cervical cancer. Furthermore, the ACPCC will continue to collaborate with the C4 on current major global health projects including the C4’s Eliminate Cervical Cancer in the Western Pacific (ECCWP) Project, the development of WHO regional strategies to eliminate cervical cancer (WPRO, EMRO) the National Strategy to Eliminating Cervical Cancer in Australia.

The refunding of the C4 presents an excellent opportunity for the ACPCC and other partners to continue the research and implementation of cervical cancer prevention strategies within Australia and worldwide.


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