Our Products

VCS Digital understand the importance of technology in population health management, leveraging over 25 years of experience to develop, integrate, and support a range of products. Its development teams have extensive eHealth and population management experience, integrating optimal solutions into its core products to deliver platforms that support population health management.


canSCREEN® platform is a contemporary technology platform that incorporates the proven and secure portfolio of VCS Registry applications and services. These have evolved over many years, scaling and adapting to changing policies and frameworks supporting both specialised and population health services. The canSCREEN® solution provides multiple channels and integration to support Registry operations and interactions between internal users, public, government, health and non-health professionals and other stakeholders.

Different to the design of EMR’s which support encounter-based medicine, canSCREEN® has been architected as a dedicated population health registry platform offering you the best of both worlds: a clinically driven real-time operational register, canSCREEN®, enriched with over 25 years of knowledge coupled with the scalability and reliability to support national based programs

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canVAX® is a registry platform specifically designed to support national vaccination programs. canVAX® provides a high-performing, integrated, flexible and automated registry platform supporting vaccination programs at local, state and national levels.  It delivers complete vaccination records in line with program policies and guidelines, and can be configured to support multiple programs and local vaccination schedules.


canLAB is a laboratory information system to support the operations of clinical laboratories; supporting the timely and accurate processing and reporting of results, improved operational efficiency, rules engine and workflow management, specialist decision support to ensure accurate test result reporting, embedded quality functionality minimising errors, increased productivity and laboratory management, reporting and analytics, an integration with laboratory equipment and external systems.

Solution Services

VCS Digital offer an extensive range of IT service management (ITSM) support services, and is able to integrate both technical and relevant clinical expertise necessary to successfully plan, implement, operate, and or support population health systems and services. VCS offer a support service that can be tailored to suit, including the following:

  • Application development and management
  • Systems integration
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Program/project management
  • Stakeholder and change management
  • Analytics, research, and reporting

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