VCS established and manages Australia’s first national adolescent and adult vaccination register. The registry information system canVAX, receives, processes and registers school‐based vaccination doses (via web portal); provides a reminder system to support completion of the dose schedule; and the reporting of information to stakeholders and for Program evaluation.


The NHVPR was announced at the end of 2006, with vaccination commencing in April 2007. As a specialist digital health service integrator, VCS was contracted in early 2008 and within a few months had developed an interim platform and established a Registry service and contact centre that successfully uploaded, cleaned and processed over 3 million vaccination notifications from all types of providers on multiple types of forms, including GP incentive payments. This responsiveness to an urgent government need, and the recognised quality of the Register services, are testament to VCS’s capacity to deliver business solutions and health services on a large scale.


The canVAX register platform delivered improved rates of HPV vaccination coverage by facilitating monitoring of coverage and supporting course completion through overdue dose reports, history statements and reminder letters, and providing high level advice and support about HPV vaccine program issues.

VCS is an effective service provider that has a strong sense of commitment to meeting its contractual obligations...and was able to meet the tight project timelines within budget.

Independent Government Audit Review