This trial will be the first in the world to test the new screening program in a HPV-vaccinated population and aims to recruit 121,000 women. The COMPASS Trial is designed to confirm with empirical evidence the modelled performance of HPV testing compared with cytology based screening, in a population including age-cohorts with high uptake of HPV vaccination.


Clinical trials addressing questions about how best to undertake population based screening are, by necessity, very large.  It is essential to provide adequate clinical support and follow-up of participants, especially those who test positive. These trials also require differential follow-up reflecting the protocol in each of the different research arms. Researchers also require access to linked but de-identified data sets to support analyses. All of these activities need to conform to the trial protocol and ethics requirements.


Under an Agile methodology, the Solutions Delivery team led the delivery of the project, having to develop, customise, and configure a range of systems to support one of the largest trials of its kind in the world. The population health management platform canSCREEN® is the engine driving services for this large scale operational trial. The project team delivered:
  • configuration of the VCS Pathology LIS to handle laboratory operations from consent to reporting
  • creation of interfaces into the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre to support independent trial randomisation
  • configuration of canSCREEN® to support end-to-end care management support for each of the different study arms.
  • preparation and secure delivery of research data sets


The Compass trial is a sentinel trial for HPV based screening in Australia. It has already produced important data guiding the implementation of the renewed National Cervical Screening Program and it is expected to continue to do so for many years. VCS Digital’s expertise, products and services have ensured the long running success of population screening and immunisation programs in Australia. As a specialist digital health systems integrator, VCS Digital have a strong track record delivering and supporting clinical trials and evidence based research, helping to improve health outcomes and drive government policy.

VCS Foundation has been an essential partner in delivering the Compass Trial. We could not have undertaken the trial without the support of their VCS Digital team.

Director Research CCNSW