Project ROSE is an initiative from the University of Malaya (UM) and the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH) to set a new approach to cervical screening that integrates the latest advances in self‐sampling, HPV screening and digital health platforms to effectively respond to the needs of Malaysian women. It empowers women to take their own cervical screening sample and having the initial result sent to them via SMS that same day.


Cervical cancer remains the third most common cancer amongst Malaysian women despite it being a largely preventable cancer. Only 1 in 5 eligible Malaysian women have had a cervical cancer screening despite public awareness campaigns and relatively easy access to screening in healthcare facilities.


To overcome barriers to screening, VCS Digital collaborated with the UM and the MoH to implement a digital health platform that is:
  • easily configured to suit specific Policy and Program requirements, ensuring a quick ‘time‐to‐market’
  • scalable and flexible to support all Malaysian women
  • easy to integrate with government and other digital health platforms

... thinking out of the box and utilizing innovations and smart collaborations to execute change in cervical screening

UM Professor – Project Lead