To ensure newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers are up to date with vaccinations as per the Australian schedule, the PAIVnG program was established to ensure no one is left behind.


With thousands of refugees and asylum seekers settling in Victoria and “No Jab, No Pay or Play’ vaccination policies being enforced, the DHHS identified a need to enable systematic coverage of vaccinations in the newly arrived refugee and asylum seeker communities in Victoria. To deliver a successful program, VCS Digital was identified as a key delivery partner to:
  • Provide software to support service provision and measurement of outcomes
  • Effectively collaborate with settlement support services and local councils to ensure systematic referral to immunisation service on arrival.


DHHS partnered with VCS Digital, a not for profit digital health provider with extensive experience in population health management digital solutions. Within a matter of weeks, VCS Digital effectively collaborated with DHHS to configure their canSCREEN® platform that:
  • allowed for centralised management of the pilot data, providing a single view of participants for DHHS to easily monitor the pilot’s progress
  • provided real‐time KPI Management and Analytics
  • was flexible and scalable to enable easy rollout to additional immunisation services

I am proud that VCS Digital has successfully provided a platform and services to support and deliver better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable groups within our community.

Matt Cunningham – Director VCS Digital