The Immunisation Program System (ImPS) provides 79 Victorian local government authorities and other stakeholders with the ability to manage their local immunisation programs. VCS Digital supports this by:
  • Maintaining and enhancing applications and tools
  • Delivering service desk and related activities.
  • Liaising with stakeholders to ensure their system and service needs are met.


ImPS is a decentralised legacy system with each of the 79 local authorities running their own version, database and processes. The Victorian state government required a reliable and experienced technology service provider to ensure continued support of the current system and to effectively manage its diverse stakeholder needs to facilitate the delivery of immunisation programs. With VCS’s extensive range of IT service management capability combined with their track record as digital health specialists, it is very well placed to support all DHHS needs. Stakeholders and users have praised the responsiveness and proactive assistance provided by VCS Digital team.


With VCS Digital’s extensive technical experience in population health and service desk support, the handover occurred seamlessly with no interruption to service. In early 2018, VCS successfully released a database update to reflect the latest vaccination requirements.  It continues to achieve its SLAs.

WOW… thank you for your assistance and so quickly.

Immunisation Services, Western Health