VCS created Australia’s first cervical screening register, and continues to manage the service for over 25 years. VCS has set world class standards for Registry services by systematically recording and effectively following up cervical screening results and women. This has led to Victoria having the highest participation in cervical screening nationally, and the lowest incidence and mortality rates for cervical cancer in the world. The mortality rate in Victoria is half that of the rest of Australia, translating into approximately 50 additional women’s lives saved per year.


In 1982, cervical cancer was the sixth most common cancer in Australia. The Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry was established in 1989 by an amendment to the Cancer (Central Registers) Act to prevent women developing cervical cancer through early detection and encouraging women with reminders to participate regularly in the screening program.


The canSCREEN® platform is an award winning, contemporary, highly configurable and scalable system that underpins statewide Registry service delivery to:
  • Ensure participation of women in the National Screening Program, supporting many communication channels and care pathways.
  • Create a safety net for women with abnormal Pap smears.
  • Provide screening histories for accurate reporting.
  • Evaluate participation coverage, policy, industry quality assurance and provide decision support

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